Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What current flows straight and true?

The powers that be are "we". Many theories exist concerning the human species being linked by electricity and "energy". I don't see it as much as I want to. I know it to be true, but it's not a common belief; connectivity and shared conscience is no Christianity, therefore it must be a liberal mirage. You can see the arcs bursting in children: the way they learn and behave, how pure of heart they can seem before our jaded and sometimes cruel society crashes down upon them. I wish it wasn't gloom and doom most of the time, but it is. Our crippling insecurities crush us down into what we believe to be shining diamonds, yet LED equipped billboards turn bedroom windows into televisions. The amplified guilty pleasures of a chimpanzee strapped to a chair attempt to negate good parenting, safe choices, and even the way we dress. Eventually ad agencies will fight over who will tag the moon with their species-deprecating slogan. The term brainwashed comes to mind...though it isn't correct; we buy into it, we want it, we want it to crawl inside our frontal lobe and fuck the crease. All that ails us as a society and a generation is a welcomed enemy; it stands in front of us with the biggest gun we've ever seen. That weapon is money. Every starved child cadaver we see, every fucking vagrant in a pool of piss, every screaming mother, every child molester, every coke addled prostitute with three kids sleeping on a soiled mattress, every rapist, and every cornered human being with one breath left in it's lungs that lives inside every one of us exists due to a monetary influence somewhere along the life line. Avarice is made tangible by a monetary system. Goods and services are in turn hoarded, our fear of loss and insecurities are then bolstered by our unquenchable want for new and better lives. The majority of this planet has no thirst for knowledge, because the majority of this populace is dead. Famine, diseases, rampant viruses, are all killing us and research can only be conducted when there is enough funding or public interest. We are only concerned with populating this planet and using it for archaic "good ol' fashioned" symbiotic habitation. That's our message to the infinite universe, "WE DON'T GIVE A FUCK!". There are days when I can't conceive of the human race being any better than a viral bacteria. Numerous accidents had to occur in order for water to even get here. We then crawled out of the water and decided more of us must exist in order to stay alive, thus creating the cyclic behavior of survival. We are a cancer, as many inhuman silver screen villains decree. We will eat it all up, until it's all gone; everything else we do in the meantime only exponentially perpetuates our extinction. I look up in the dark abyss and see nothing. I literally see nothing. Every bright star is already dead, and anything else that lives in the universe needs to avoid what they see here. If we find them they will be raped, interrogated, killed and sold to the highest bidder. We must reconnect the circuitry. Our resources on this planet must be completely compiled, tallied and shared. We must reverse this behavior. By the time our leaders do something it will be because our option of being symbiotic leeches has inevitably failed. Quite obviously by that time we will have also failed ourselves as living creatures and marked the human in the history books as the most ignorant and selfish beast in the universe. But already knew that, didn't you?