Friday, June 17, 2011

To the people out there, about the man in here

Everything seems to crumble, when you expect it all to strengthen. Although bleak, I feel that statement to ring pitch perfect. I have been x-rayed and prodded, and the doctors have found pneumonia in my lungs, or rather- the tail end of it. I’ve had it for two weeks and I never went to get it surveyed because of the process involved: just like everything else in the military- designed to make you look like a complete pussy unless you ignore it. Not that I gave in to that regimen- I just knew it would be a huge hassle and not worth the effort. That sentiment eventually rang the bell of truth as well; as I got the S.I.Q. chit (Sick in Quarters: an allowance to leave work due to illness) I needed but perhaps too late. They (my own slovenly bitch of a boss in fact) put me on the 16-24 watch on Sunday a few hours after my chit expires. I still feel like hot garbage but the cough and mucus is beginning to subside. As soon as my S.I.Q. chit is up I go back to work sick or not. Don’t you just love that shit? The room inspections don’t stop. I keep getting notes to stop using the other side of the room as it is reserved for my “prospective” roommate. Which makes me subconsciously dry my towel out on the spare bed and hang my cold wash/no dry clothes in the spare closet. Fuck them. They’re only getting a few more months of my time and then I’m out to do some damage in the real world. For all of those who don’t know: The military is a place to hide; a nook that provides the utterly useless with entitlement and authority. Don’t come here, it’s a dark and miserable place. Let’s hope I make it out unscathed.

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