Friday, January 20, 2012

You have mirrors for blinders

So you came here. What a feat! You made it. And I'm sure you proved some great paradoxical point to your psyche...that you can reach your giraffe-like neck into my jungle. Congratulations, I sincerely hope you fed cleanly- that your tongue clasped the right branches. It didn't: I'll say that much. Because if it did...I believe you may have never left. You may have stayed to help ease the desolate landscape's effect on me. Perhaps the salt didn't sting- perhaps it took no effect at all. I am here to fix myself- to ascertain what responsibility is. As a man, in my cliche gender role, I reflect my actions directly; therefore, I must become self sustainable and socialiably presentable to the working world. The civilian sector: an establishment all too familiar with my type; too smart for his own good and lazy, they'll all say. Wish you were here,

Bitter as fuck,

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