Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Smothered by my own hands
I see more whites of eyes than irises
So sucked up, I'm dry as sand
I'm behind more scars than desirous

Enemies all become my friends
As they all see what I see
A hound without a scent
And acres of flame covered seas

Records strewn all the way-
All the way through the pavement
Manilla rain covered lawns
Filing blades for the bankrupt

I'll be walking one day
And disappear the next
An ethereal wreck recluse 
A posthumous ether left vexed

It's a burden to feel that way now
So benign, such a coward with no will
There are stories now no one tells
About boys without fathers or real skills...

About floral curtains stained with shame
From a fearful mother clutching plaits,
Dusty feral creatures and nicotine stains
Damaged walls from support beam breaks

These are the tales too often told
Terrors speciously muttered during sleep
So afraid of change becoming old
Superficial now even in our dreams

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